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Life at HoYoverse

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I really like HoYoverse's flat management style. Although the company has reached a certain size, I never felt that there was excessive bureaucracy. We usually make project decisions based on everyone's work experience and expertise, rather than just blindly following upper management. This allows us to focus on our work, which allows the team to gain greater cohesion and keeps the company dynamic and growing fast.
Your mindset and company culture will both determine how far you will go.
Pursuing excellence is a quality that HoYoverse highly values in its hiring process. At HoYoverse, direct, open, and free communication will stimulate your creativity and inspire you to keep going. We will never define what is absolutely right, and will always encourage fresh thinking and new ideas. With this team spirit, our job is not just to get things done, but to work together to create content and experiences that are beyond our imagination.