Honkai Impact 3rd Online Concert [Forest Capriccio] Worldwide Premiere on JUL 29


Dance in the fairy tale to compose fantastic melodies together!

Singapore, JUL 28, 2023 — the Honkai Impact 3rd team announces today that its online concert Forest Capriccio will be premiered online and offline globally on JUL 29. Jointly empowered by VP (virtual production) technology and xR (Extended Reality), the grand show unravels a wonderland amidst the forest, and smoothly weaves a diverse range of music that consists of symphony, electronic music and folk music into fantastic melodies that can revive all the emotional memories. The star-studded guest performer lineup includes Mika Kobayashi, Hanser, Yellow Zero, Sa Dingding, Axis Neptune, and Chongqing Grand Theatre Children's Philharmonic Choir, etc. Every moment of the Online Concert Forest Capriccio will be a treat for eyes and ears!

Watch the livestream:


Honkai Impact 3rd is set in a modern world corrupted by mysterious energy known as Honkai. A tenacious resistance formed by Valkyries—brave girls carrying anti-Honkai genes, leads humanity in a war of survival and fights for everything that is beautiful in the world. From the very beginning of the game, original music by HOYO-MiX has accompanied Captains every step of the way, bearing witness to the epic story arcs, the thrilling battles, and personal growth shared together by Captains and Valkyries.

This time, with the non-stop pursuit of perfection, the team aims to craft a detail-oriented, vivid and dreamy immersive virtual experience for all audiences. The concert features a pure and innocent wonderland that dwells in Seele's imagination, and her notebook serves as the entrance to the imaginary world. Captains can reminisce about the distinct and memorable characters while accompanied by lingering melodies.

The team also takes on the challenge to utilize the VP and xR technology that combines physical stage sets and digital production tools such as augmented reality, CGI, and game-engine technologies. When the boundary between real and virtual world blurs, the dimensional wall shall break, expanding the world of Honkai Impact 3rd to an infinite reality.

The Honkai Impact 3rd Online Concert Forest Capriccio will be globally premiered at 20:00, JUL 29 (UTC+8) on YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Twitter, and other platforms. In addition to the livestream, the concert will be brought to real life at cinemas for the first time! The venues are located around the world, with both in-door and outdoor settings, offering incomparable experience with stunning audiovisual effects and powerful emotional resonance. It will also be a great time for Captains to gather, share and savor the moment filled with happiness.

Notably, the venue in Los Angeles is placed at Santa Monica Beach Pier, where people can immerse themselves in the audio-visual feast while breathing the refreshing summer breeze from the Pacific, and sticking their toes into the broad expanse of fine and silky sand. There will also be live band performances to lift the atmosphere. From North America to Europe, from East Asia to Southeast Asia, the passion will pass on across the continents!

As every star shines brighter for the gaze of the night sky, and every fairy tale grows more beautiful when it's told to the next generation. The feelings do not fade in time, but continue to sparkle with new life and meaning. Take a deep dive into the immersive wonderland, and listen to every brave Valkyrie's story!