Tears of Themis [Rainy Pickup] Limited-Time Event Begins


Singapore, March 29, 2024 — Global interactive entertainment brand HoYoverse announced today that the romance detective title, Tears of Themis, is bringing an all-new Vyn SSR "Musings in the Rain," Rainy Pickup limited-time event, and an update for Main Story Episode 11, "Cocoon II," to all its players. In addition, there are exciting events and a limited-time discount for the "Vyn - Recreation" Outfit and the event Background. Do not miss this great opportunity!


Check out the event trailer here:


All-New Vyn SSR "Musings in the Rain" And Trailer Available

Romantic musings in the late spring rain. Rainy Pickup Event Shadow of Themis is now available! During the event, use Tears of Themis to draw cards at the Rainy Pickup Event Shadow of Themis page. "It is true that I am not a fan of being in the rain, as it can make people fall ill. But just now, we were not merely being rained on. I was happy to be running through the rain with you." As the rain falls upon a corner of the city, the mingling of lights and shadows stirs up certain thoughts... "It does not seem to suit me... Is this why you chose this jacket? If that is really the case, I had better wait until we get home and take my time trying it on for you."


This Event Shadow of Themis' SSR pool only contains Vyn SSR "Musings in the Rain" and "Aimed At Your Heart," both with an increased draw rate. An unowned SSR card from this Event Shadow of Themis is guaranteed within every 100 draws. Receive Trace of Tears ×1 with every draw.


Rainy Pickup Limited-Time Event Available on 3/28!

During the event, join Vyn to complete the Shop Tasks for various rewards. Shop Tasks consist of tasks from the Tops Shop, Accessories Shop, and Pants Shop. Different items are thrown at various angles within a limited time. Drag the shopping bag left and right to catch the shop's items. Points are earned from catching items and are deducted for catching trash. In addition, pay attention to the task objectives of each shop to complete the corresponding Shop Tasks. Unlock all Story content to get an event-limited "Blossoms and Birdsong" Badge, S-Chips, and other rewards.


Enveloped in the sweet scent of flowers, relish the beauty of spring! Meanwhile, there is also a limited-time discount for "Vyn - Recreation" and "Flower and Bird Market" Background at Rainy Pickup event page and Mall > Cosmetics Shop.


Main Story Episode 11 (II)

Starting 2024/4/1, Main Story Episode 11, "Cocoon (II)," will be updated! "It is rare for anything to be absolute in this world. There can be murkiness in good, and purity in evil. In many matters, it is difficult to discern between good and evil. Without any evidence, I choose to believe what I want to believe, even if I have doubts." The full moon hangs low, and the bone-piercing wind howls. It's hard to express one's thoughts in a late-night confrontation...


Complete all Main Story Episode 11 (II) Anomaly Levels to get Vyn SR "Thoughts and Desires" fragments ×10, S-Chip ×100, and other Episode rewards. Vyn SR "Thoughts and Desires" fragments drops are obtainable at Main Story Episode 11 (II) Anomaly Levels: 11-16, 11-20, and 11-24. Vyn SR "Thoughts and Desires" will be added to the Permanent Shadow of Themis in the later version.


About Tears of Themis

The main story of Tears of Themis takes place in the fictitious city of Stellis, where players kick off their legal career as a rookie attorney, solving cases and issues by conducting investigations and debates. The four male protagonists with distinct personalities, also known as the members of the NXX Investigation Team, provide continuous support and assistance throughout this journey.


Tears of Themis officially launched on July 29, 2021 on both Android and iOS. Game text is available in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean, with dubbing available in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. This game has an age rating of 3+ (all ages) on the Google Play Store (12+ on the Korean Google Play Store) and 12+ on the App Store. For more information, please visit the official website at http://tot.hoyoverse.com, X (Twitter) (@TearsofThemisEN), Instagram (@tearsofthemis_en), Facebook (@tearsofthemis.glb), the official Discord server, the official YouTube channel, the official TikTok account (@tearsofthemisen), and the official HoYoLAB website.