Honkai Impact 3rd Launching v7.5 [Crusade of Chasing Shadows] on JUN 6


Work together to resolve the calamity in Langqiu and Oxia!

MAY 31, 2024 — The Honkai Impact 3rd team announces that the action title is releasing v7.5 Crusade of Chasing Shadows on JUN 6! Captains will be hanging out with Songque and enjoying their time in Langqiu in the upcoming version. They will also witness the excellent fighting skills of Lantern. Limited-time events and bountiful rewards await as well!

Watch trailer:


In the previous chapter of the main story, despite being pursued by Lantern, Songque, along with the protagonists, successfully awakened the remaining Seven Shus and squared off against Lantern in a heated battle. In v7.5, the people of Langqiu will hold a celebration specifically for the reunion of the Seven Shus. The awakened Shus will work together to resolve the calamity and stop the Ten Faces of Misery from wreaking havoc in Langqiu and Oxia. Baiji claims that Songque is the key to ending the crisis. What role will Songque play in all this? Let’s unravel the answer in the new story chapter: A Crime Foretold!

This time, Captains will also have the opportunity to get a closer look at Lantern. As one of the Seven Shus, Lantern is resolute, efficient, and takes her responsibilities seriously. Yet, there's a different side to her. Lantern has accumulated a lifetime of debt due to the collateral damage that follows in the wake of her actions. This creates a strong contrast with her elite image that she projects throughout her daily life.

However, when in battle, Lantern is no doubt a seasoned agent who can adeptly switch between her Rapid-Shot Crossbow, Shotgun, and Submachine Gun for attacks. Her new S-rank battlesuit Lone Destruction: Shadowchaser is a PSY-type Fire DMG dealer. During battle, Lantern unleashes her hidden power, and her hair will glow. When she is the team leader, those on standby can become Phantoms to provide support in battle. Attacks by Phantoms can recover Concentrated Blast Energy and provide her with buffs. Moreover, when Lantern joins a Resonance team, she can activate her teammates' Resonance Marks, unleashing Resonance Attacks to boost the team's firepower.

There's also a new shop called Don't Look Back arcade opening in Oxia after the version update! During v7.5, Captains can hit up the arcade and join in on the Non-Stop Stage Clears carnival. There'll be two games released. First up is Shadow Breaker, a thrilling brick-breaking game. Captains get to steer a spaceship with Lantern on board, bouncing balls to eliminate shadow entities and take down enemies, all while dodging attacks to clear stages. There's also another game, Escaping the Shadow Peril, which offers a thrilling adventure where Captains must play as Lantern to dodge attacks, descend cautiously, and reach the bottom of the tunnel. Throughout the game, besides keeping an eye out for sudden enemy appearances, Captains must choose their footsteps wisely — don't miss a step!

During v7.5, Captains participating in Lantern's Battlesuit Supply will get a sweet 50% off for the first 10 drops. There will also be login events and limited-time top-up bonuses after the version update! Furthermore, Captains will be thrilled about the collaboration between Honkai Impact 3rd and Razer controllers! Captains, please stay tuned to Honkai Impact 3rd's social media channels for more details!

In FEB 2024, Honkai Impact 3rd launched its Part 2, embarking on a new adventure on Mars. Ever since its debut, the game has been continuously gaining an international following, while constantly bringing an exhilarating and immersive experience to all fans and players. Honkai Impact 3rd will continue to support PC and mobile cross-save in the future, and has been launched on Mac on APR 25.

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